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What Property Managers Need to Know About Lead Paint Disclosure

If you work in Midlands property management, chances are you rent homes that were built before 1978. Homes that were built before lead paint regulations went into effect are those constructed before 1978, and lead paint disclosure laws require landlords and property managers to make their tenants aware, even if the home has non lead paint that has been painted on top of the lead paint.

Why is Lead Paint Harmful?

Lead paint was banned in 1978 because lead was proven to be especially harmful to small children. Anemia, kidney and brain damage, and weakened muscles were all consequences of lead poisoning. Lead paint that is still in good shape (not chipping or peeling) is usually safe, however, lead paint that is deteriorating releases lead into dust particles or even into ground soil that can contaminate the earth and water around the home.

What are the Chances Lead Paint is in Your Home

According to the EPA lead paint is still present in millions of American homes, hidden underneath layers of new paint. Homes built before 1940 have an 87% chance of having lead paint. If the home was built between 1940-1959, the chances are 69% positive for lead and between 1960-1977 your home has a 24% chance. For Midlands property management this means that many of the homes in the area may have a high risk of lead paint presence.

When Does a Landlord Need to Disclose Lead Paint?

All property managers must, by law, disclose the presence of known lead in homes or rentals that were built before January 1, 1978. Landlords are required to disclose the existence of lead paint in any areas of the building accessible to tenants including common areas, provide a lead disclosure in the lease, let the tenant know you’ve complied with all disclosure requirements, and provide an EPA approved brochure on how to identify and control lead paint hazards.

Midlands property management that owns buildings that have been certified lead free by a state-certified inspector do not need to worry about lead disclosure.

If you have questions on how a Midlands property management firm can help you with lead paint disclosure, contact Scott Properties of Midlands today!