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8 Tenant Application Red Flags You Should Know | Property Management Services in Columbia, SC

Property Management Services in Columbia, SC

Choosing the right tenants is one of the most critical aspects of successful property management. While it may seem like a straightforward process, evaluating tenant applications can be complex, and missing red flags can lead to costly issues down the line.

You can avoid losing tenants and late rental payments for your Columbia, SC, properties by following professional due diligence. That’s where professional property management services in Columbia, SC, come to the rescue.

In this blog post, experts from Scott Properties Midlands explore the importance of recognizing the red flags when evaluating tenant applications.

Eight Tenant Application Red Flags | Property Management Services in Columbia, SC

Incomplete or Inaccurate Information:

One of the first red flags to watch for is incomplete or inaccurate information on the tenant application. This could include missing contact details, employment history gaps, or discrepancies in the provided documentation. Property management services have the experience and resources to spot these inconsistencies and dig deeper for the truth.

Insufficient Income: | Property Management Services in Columbia, SC

A potential tenant’s ability to pay rent consistently is a top concern. If the applicant’s income doesn’t meet the required threshold or appears unstable, it’s a significant red flag. Property management services have established criteria and financial analysis tools to accurately assess an applicant’s income stability.

Poor Rental History:

A history of late payments, evictions, or property damage in previous rentals is a glaring red flag. Professional property management services in Columbia, SC, have access to comprehensive tenant screening databases and can identify these problematic patterns in an applicant’s rental history.

Criminal Background Issues:

A tenant with a criminal history involving violent or property-related crimes can pose a significant risk. Property management services conduct thorough background checks to identify criminal red flags, ensuring your property remains secure.

Bad Credit or Extensive Debt: | Property Management Services in Columbia, SC

Credit history reveals a lot about an applicant’s financial responsibility. High debt levels, ongoing collections, or a low credit score can indicate potential financial instability. Property management services can assess an applicant’s creditworthiness accurately and determine if they are a high-risk candidate.

Inadequate References:

References from previous landlords and employers are essential for assessing an applicant’s character and reliability. Red flags include a lack of references, negative feedback, or reluctance to provide references. Property management services have the expertise to vet references effectively.

Large Pets or Violations of Pet Policies:

If your property has specific pet policies or restrictions, it’s crucial to ensure that applicants comply. Large or prohibited pets or a history of pet policy violations are red flags that could lead to property damage or disputes with neighbors. Property management services enforce these policies and identify applicants who may not adhere to them.

Multiple Applicants for a Single Unit:

When multiple applicants compete for the same unit, it’s essential to have a fair and transparent selection process in place. Property management services can evaluate all applicants objectively, ensuring no red flags are missed in the rush to fill a vacancy.

Stay Safe from Tenant Risks with Our Property Management Services in Columbia, SC

Scott Properties Midlands has the expertise, resources, and industry knowledge to spot these red flags and ensure that you select reliable and responsible tenants. Contact us today to get started.

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5 Things To Watch Out For When Viewing Rental Properties | Property Management Companies in Columbia, SC

Property Management Companies in Columbia, SC

While searching for the perfect home can be exciting, it’s equally important to be aware of potential red flags that could indicate hidden issues or rental scams. Approximately 43% of Americans have fallen prey to rental scams, with around 5.2 million victims in recent times.

In this blog post, real estate gurus from Scott Properties of the Midlands discuss the most critical red flags highlighted by many property management companies in Columbia, SC, for viewing rental properties. The blog also explains why enlisting the expertise of trusted Property Management Companies in Columbia, SC, is necessary.

Five Rental Property Viewing Red Flags | Property Management Companies in Columbia, SC

Lack of Maintenance:

One of the most significant red flags during property viewings is the lack of maintenance. If you notice peeling paint, broken fixtures, or signs of neglect, it could be a sign that the property owner is not attentive to upkeep.

Why it Matters: Neglected maintenance can lead to ongoing issues, from plumbing problems to structural damage. Choosing a well-maintained property ensures comfort and reduces the likelihood of unexpected repair costs.

Absence of Essential Documents: | Property Management Companies in Columbia, SC

Another concerning red flag is the absence of essential documents during the viewing. This may include the lease agreement, documentation of prior maintenance and repairs, or evidence of required inspections.

Why it Matters: Lack of proper documentation can lead to disputes. You need a clear understanding of the lease terms, any prior issues with the property, and assurance that it complies with local regulations.

Incomplete Tenant Screening:

If you’re viewing a property and notice that the property manager or landlord hasn’t conducted thorough tenant screening, it’s a significant cause for concern. This may involve not checking credit history, criminal background, or rental references.

Why it Matters: Incomplete tenant screening can lead to problematic neighbors or tenants who may not have the financial stability to fulfill their lease obligations. This can result in disruptions and financial challenges for you as a renter.

Overly Aggressive Landlord: | Property Management Companies in Columbia, SC

An overly aggressive or pushy landlord can be a red flag. If they pressure you into making decisions or signing a lease hastily, it’s a sign of a potentially challenging landlord-tenant relationship.

Why it Matters: A good landlord respects your decision-making process and understands the importance of a well-considered commitment. Pushy landlords may be challenging to deal with in the long run.

Lack of Transparency:

Lack of transparency about the rental terms, policies, and fees is a definite red flag. If you find it challenging to get straightforward answers to your questions, it can be a sign of dishonesty or hidden fees.

Why it Matters: Transparent communication is crucial for a successful landlord-tenant relationship. You need to fully understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant to avoid potential disputes.

Why Consulting Property Management Companies in Columbia, SC

Navigating the rental market and avoiding these red flags can be daunting, especially for those unfamiliar with the local market. This is where trusted property management companies in Columbia, SC, come into play. These professionals are well-versed in Columbia real estate, ensuring you find well-maintained properties, access essential documents, and enjoy transparent, stress-free transactions.

Scott Properties of the Midlands can make property searching easier by managing all the essential stuff and providing relevant documents and forms to make your hunt easier.

Contact us today to get started!

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Factors Making A Property Less Attractive To Buyers? | Property Management in Lexington, SC

property management in Lexington, SC

The real estate market in Lexington, SC, is a hot one. With various appealing properties available, investors are eager to invest in the homes and get the best return. But not all houses are attractive to potential buyers. Several factors can decrease the value of a property. That’s why anyone interested in making the most of their home should consider professional property management in Lexington, SC.

Scott Properties of the Midlands has years of experience helping people maintain their home’s value and make the most of it. We have expert property managers who understand the Lexington, SC, market and can help you avoid any issues that may decrease your property’s value.

Here are seven factors that could reduce the resale potential of your property:

1. Poor Condition | Property Management in Lexington, SC

Potential buyers may be wary about investing if your home is in disrepair. Even if your property is in an attractive location, an outdated and worn-down interior and exterior can quickly reduce the perceived value of a house.

2. Lack of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal has become increasingly important to homebuyers looking for a great first impression. Potential buyers tend to make assumptions about the home’s condition based on how it looks from the outside, even before they set foot inside. If your property lacks curb appeal, it could be enough to drive away prospective buyers.

3. Poor Energy Efficiency

The value of a home can be affected by its energy efficiency. As people become more conscious of their environmental impact, they increasingly seek homes with lower energy consumption. If your home is not environmentally friendly, it can be seen as a major turn-off to buyers.

Related: Make These Five Energy-Efficient Improvements to Increase Your Home’s Value

4. Outdated Features | Property Management in Lexington, SC

A house with outdated features such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and appliances can be less attractive to buyers. These features can be seen as costly investments and may make potential buyers think twice about investing in your property.

5. Location

Location is a significant factor when it comes to determining the value of a residential property. If your house is in an area with high crime rates or poor infrastructure, it may not be considered an attractive investment.

6. Unforeseen Problems | Property Management in Lexington, SC

Unforeseen problems such as pests, lead paint, and mold can also decrease the value of your property. These issues can be challenging to identify and costly to fix, so it’s crucial to work with expert property management in Lexington, SC, who can help ensure your property is up to code.

7. Lack of Maintenance

Finally, maintaining your property is critical to keeping its value up. If you neglect basic upkeep such as landscaping, painting, and repair work, it can quickly decrease the salability of your home.

Related: 5 Benefits Of Expert Property Management | Property Management

If you want to avoid any of these factors that could reduce the resale potential of your house, Scott Properties of the Midlands can help. We have expert property managers who can help you maintain your home and keep its value up.

Contact us today to learn more about our property management in Lexington, SC!

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How Much Rent Should You Charge? | Property Management

Property Management

A property management company can be pivotal in establishing an optimal rent figure. They conduct thorough market analysis, considering local trends, property features, and demand. This expertise ensures landlords set a competitive and realistic rent, fostering tenant interest, minimizing vacancies, and maximizing rental income for long-term success.

Requesting a reasonable rent is vital to ensure cost coverage and attractive returns for property owners. Balancing affordability prevents vacancies, attracting tenants while maximizing profitability without deterring potential renters due to excessive pricing.

Related: Rent Your Home With Ease | Property Management Company In Columbia

This blog post shares tips and strategies for setting the correct rent rate for your rental property.

1. Local Housing Market

Check out similar rental properties near you to understand what other landlords charge. Consider the number of bedrooms, amenities, and location when making comparisons. You must also consider any recent changes in the housing market, as this may affect rental prices.

Seasonality also affects the market. In some areas, rental prices increase during peak times of the year (like summertime) and decrease during off-peak times (like winter).

2. Property Conditions and Amenities | Property Management

Consider the condition of your property and any features or amenities it might offer, such as a pool or a patio. If your property provides something extra, you can charge more for rent than comparable properties without those features.

Also, factor in your rental property’s ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs. You can justify a higher rent by offering well-maintained and updated living spaces. Highlighting the value tenants receive from the well-maintained property can support your pricing strategy and attract quality renters.

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3. Amenities Offered with The Property | Property Management

Diverse amenities enhance a property’s appeal and justify a higher rental rate. Features like modern appliances and secure parking attract tenants seeking convenience and comfort. Such offerings elevate the living experience, enabling landlords to command a premium rent, reflecting added value, and increasing the property’s competitiveness in the market.

4. Research the Average Cost of Living

Thorough local market research is crucial for setting an appropriate rental rate. Analyzing comparable properties and understanding demand dynamics ensures a competitive yet realistic pricing strategy. This approach maximizes occupancy rates, prevents underpricing or overpricing, and positions the property favorably within its market segment for sustained financial success.

5. Consider Hiring a Property Management Company

Finally, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about how much to charge for rent or other aspects of renting your property, consider hiring an experienced property management company.

Rely on Scott Properties of the Midlands to unlock your rental properties’ full potential. With our expertise, we provide strategic insights on pricing, marketing, tenant selection, and property maintenance. This comprehensive approach ensures landlords achieve peak returns while enjoying a hassle-free management experience, fostering long-term success in the rental market.

We understand that setting a rental price can be a challenge for landlords. We strive to make it easy for our clients with helpful resources and personalized advice tailored to their needs.

Contact us to take advantage of our property management services today.

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5 Tips For Handling Difficult Tenants | Property Management

Property Management

Dealing with difficult tenants can be among the most challenging aspects of property management. From late payments to excessive noise or property damage, navigating these situations requires finesse and effective strategies. Many property owners face challenges in handling difficult tenants.

To help you tackle these challenges head-on, we share five invaluable tips for managing difficult tenants. By implementing these strategies, you can maintain a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship while safeguarding your property and investments.

From setting clear expectations to documenting interactions, experts at Scott Properties of the Midlands will explore practical solutions to manage challenging situations effectively. Let’s dive in and discover how you can transform tenant management into a smoother, more rewarding experience.

How To Handle Difficult Tenants?

1. Set Clear Expectations

Effective tenant management begins with setting clear expectations from the start. Ensure that your lease agreement includes comprehensive guidelines, rules, and policies. Communicate your expectations regarding rent payments, property maintenance, noise levels, and other essential factors. By establishing these expectations upfront, you can minimize misunderstandings and potential conflicts.

2. Establish Open Communication Channels | Property Management

Maintaining open lines of communication is crucial when dealing with difficult tenants. Encourage tenants to contact you with any concerns or issues they may have. Respond promptly and professionally to their inquiries, demonstrating that you value their feedback. Regular check-ins and proactive communication can help address problems before they escalate and foster a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

3. Address Issues Promptly

When difficult situations arise, addressing them promptly and effectively is essential. Take immediate action, whether it’s a maintenance request, a noise complaint, or a violation of lease terms. Responding promptly demonstrates your commitment to resolving issues and maintaining a well-managed property. Promptly addressing problems can help prevent them from worsening and minimize potential disputes.

4. Document Everything | Property Management

Documenting interactions and incidents with difficult tenants is crucial for effective property management. Keep thorough records of all communication, including emails, letters, and phone conversations. Document any complaints, violations, or requests for repairs. This documentation is a reference point and can protect you legally, if necessary. It also helps you track the history of any ongoing issues and ensure consistency in your approach.

5. Seek Legal Assistance

In some cases, handling difficult tenants may require legal intervention. If you have exhausted all other options and the situation persists, consult a real estate attorney or a legal professional specializing in landlord-tenant disputes. They can provide guidance on your rights and obligations as a landlord and help you navigate complex legal procedures if necessary. Also, check the landlord-tenant law of your region to learn more.

Get The Best Property Management Services with Scott Properties of the Midlands

Are you tired of dealing with difficult tenants on your own? Let Scott Properties of the Midlands be your trusted partner in property management. Our team understands the challenges of handling problematic tenants, and we’re here to help.

From tenant screening to eviction management, we provide the expertise and resources needed to ensure you have a successful rental property. With our comprehensive services, you can enjoy peace of mind while we handle the complexities of tenant management.

Contact us today to learn more.

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5 Benefits Of Expert Property Management | Property Management

Property Management

Are you a property owner in Columbia, SC struggling to maintain your property or finding it challenging to manage tenants? Consider hiring a property management company with professional experience. These professionals possess the skills and knowledge to handle the complexities of management, ensuring your investment thrives. They take care of everything from efficient tenant screening to prompt rent collection.

Scott Properties Midlands discusses the benefits of hiring expert property managers, explaining how their property management services can transform your real estate investments. Say goodbye to the hassle and unlock the full potential of your property!

Benefits of Hiring Expert Property Managers

1. Efficient Tenant Screening | Property Management

One of the primary benefits of professional property managers is their expertise in tenant screening. They take the burden off your shoulders by carefully vetting potential tenants, resulting in reduced vacancy rates. No more agonizing over long periods of empty properties.

Experienced property managers possess the necessary skills to entice reliable tenants who pay rent on time, adhere to lease agreements, and maintain the property in good condition.

2. Prompt Rent Collection

Say goodbye to the stress of chasing after late rent payments. With property managers in charge, you can rest easy knowing that rent will be collected promptly. They employ effective systems and strategies to ensure tenants pay on time, sparing you stress and frustration.

Property managers enforce lease terms, ensuring tenants fulfill their contractual obligations and giving you peace of mind.

3. Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance issues can be a major headache for property owners, but property managers excel in this area. They promptly respond to maintenance requests, ensuring issues are addressed on time.

With their extensive network of reliable contractors and vendors, property managers ensure that repairs are carried out efficiently, saving you time and hassle. Your property will be well-maintained, preserving its value and keeping tenants satisfied.

4. Legal Compliance | Property Management

Navigating the complex landscape of local laws and regulations can be daunting for property owners. Fortunately, expert property managers are well-versed in rules management and ensure that your property remains compliant.

From understanding tenant rights to handling eviction processes, they mitigate the risks associated with legal issues. Their expertise can help you avoid legal issues and safeguard your investment.

5. Financial Management

Managing properties is about more than just collecting rent. It’s more than that. Qualified property managers excel in financial management, offering accurate bookkeeping and accounting services. They maintain detailed records of income and expenses, providing you with clear financial statements.

Moreover, property managers devise strategies to maximize rental income, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Their financial expertise lets you make informed decisions and optimize your property’s financial performance.

Get Help from a Top-Notch Property Management Company in Columbia, SC

Entrusting your property to qualified property managers can be a game-changer, offering peace of mind and unlocking the full potential of your real estate investments.

Ready to experience the benefits? Contact Scott Properties Midlands today and let us handle your property management. Maximize your investment and reap the rewards with our trusted expertise. Contact us today to learn more about our property managers.

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Rent Your Home With Ease | Property Management Company In Columbia

Property Management Company In Columbia 1

Key Takeaways:

  • Renting your home can be a great way to supplement your income; however, it can be time-consuming and challenging to handle independently.
  • Scott Properties Midlands is a professional property management company in Columbia that specializes in managing rental properties and providing owners with a hassle-free experience.
  • Our experienced staff can handle all aspects of the rental process, from property evaluations and advertising to tenant screenings, lease agreement management, and rent collection.
  • We also offer direct deposit payouts on the 28th of each month (or the previous workday if it falls on a holiday or weekend).
  • With us, you can rest assured that potential tenants can view your Columbia rentals, occupy them, and help you increase your profits.


Whether you’re new to the rental market or you’ve been a landlord for years, finding suitable rental listings, advertising your property, and keeping up with paperwork can be overwhelming. Plus, without proper management, it’s easy for rentals to become neglected and unprofitable.

That’s why it pays to hire a professional property management company in Columbia, so you don’t have to worry about all these things. All you have to do is sit back, collect your rental income, and watch your property’s value appreciate over time.

At Scott Properties Midlands, we help relieve the stress of renting your home. We have a team of experienced property managers who know the Columbia rental market and can help you find qualified tenants for your property. Our team is well-versed in the legal and financial aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship, so you can rest assured that your property is being managed efficiently and per all applicable laws.

Whether you own one property or are an investor with multiple rental units, we can help you maximize your return on investment on your Columbia rentals and ensure your tenants are happy and satisfied.

How A Professional Property Management Company in Columbia Help Make Renting Your Home Stress-Free

1. Property Evaluations | Property Management Company In Columbia

Regular property evaluations are the key to successful management. Our team periodically evaluates each property we manage. We document the results of these evaluations and send them to both the property owners and tenants. The evaluations are also uploaded to your online portal, which you can log into anytime.

If any issues or action items are identified during the evaluation, our team will create a timeline for completing the necessary work. We ensure that even the smallest of repairs and upgrades are completed promptly. After the work, we will re-evaluate the property to ensure it meets our standards.

2. Advertising

Thousands of Columbia rentals are listed daily with ads featuring high-definition photographs and detailed descriptions to attract potential tenants. It makes it harder for your property to stand out and get noticed, especially when competing with other properties.

Our property management company in Columbia knows how the rental market works, and we use the best marketing tactics to ensure your property is seen by those searching for it. Our team begins advertising your Columbia rentals 60 days before the lease termination date using software that allows us to syndicate to multiple websites. Some of these include:

  • Scott Properties of the Midlands Website
  • Market/School-Specific Student Housing Websites
  • MLS (Multiple Listings Service)
  • (Military Housing Referral Network)
  • Trulia
  • Zillow

We also create eye-catching property listings with detailed descriptions of amenities, pictures, and floor plans. We update our listings to ensure potential tenants can access the most accurate information. With us, you’ll get the maximum exposure for your Columbia rentals and turn them over quickly and profitably.

3. Tenant Screenings and Move Ins

While thousands of potential tenants exist, we ensure only the best move into your Columbia rentals. We verify employment, income, credit reports, debt-to-income ratio, criminal background checks, and previous rental history. It ensures that the tenants who move into your rental properties are reliable, responsible, and able to pay their rent on time.

Once a qualified tenant is found, we will communicate the results to you so that you can make an informed decision before any tenant moves in. We understand that the security of your property is non-negotiable, and you can trust us to protect it with our comprehensive tenant screening process.

4. Lease Agreement Strategy and Process

We offer three-year lease agreements with one-year terms. This means that each year, the tenant and property owner can end their contract with a 60-day written notice, providing flexibility to both parties.

Having your tenants sign a three-year lease agreement will benefit you as a property owner in several ways.

First, we include a 5% increase in rent when the lease auto-renews each year. It helps cover increases in taxes, insurance, and other associated expenses and increases the value of your investment property.

Second, we strategically have all our leases terminate during the busiest time of year to maximize the potential for successful re-leasing. This termination date varies depending on the property’s market segment.

Lastly, the longer than regular notice to vacate time frame (60 days) gives us more time to find a qualified tenant and reduces property turnover.

Our strategies and processes have shown to be successful and have helped us keep the vacancy rate of our rental properties between 2-3%.

5. Rent Collection & Eviction and Property Owner Payments | Property Management Company In Columbia

The 5th of each month is the designated rent collection date. We take a proactive approach when handling delinquent accounts, starting with reminder phone calls to tenants with past-due balances. If rent payments are not received by the 13th day of the month, our property management company in Columbia will begin the eviction filing process.

Our team will write, file and serve all eviction notices and writs of ejectment. We always charge the tenant for all actions concerning an eviction filing, so property owners are never billed for the cost of eviction filings or time spent in court.

Regarding property owner payments, our team ensures you are paid by the 28th day of each month. The management fee, and any repair expenses, will be deducted from the total rent amount collected for the month.

If the 28th falls on a weekend or holiday, you will be paid out on the previous workday. All payments will be made via direct deposit into the bank account of your choice, ensuring timely and secure payments.

Are you ready to experience the peace of mind from working with a professional property management company in Columbia? With Scott Properties Midlands, you can have confidence knowing that your investment is being cared for and that payments are processed accurately and on time.

Contact us today to get started!

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5 Renting Mistakes To Avoid | Property Management Company In Columbia

property management company in Columbia

Key Takeaways:

  • Columbia is a great place to live, offering a unique blend of culture, recreation, affordability, and career opportunities.
  • From single-family homes and condos to multi-family units, there are plenty of rental properties in Columbia for people who want to call this city home.
  • However, before renting a property in Columbia, understand the common renting mistakes and take the necessary steps to protect your rights as a tenant.
  • Not reading the rental agreement carefully, not getting renters insurance, paying rent late, misusing amenities, and prioritizing square feet over layout or design are common mistakes to avoid to ensure a smooth rental experience.
  • Scott Properties Midlands is a premier house rental expert and property management company in Columbia that can help you find the right property and protect your rights as a tenant.
  • Our experienced team will match you to an ideal rental property according to your budget and requirements and ensure that all the necessary paperwork and agreements are correctly handled.


Property management companies in Columbia will tell you that renting a new home here is an exciting experience. From lush green hills, rolling meadows, and peaceful surroundings to vibrant city life and exciting nightlife, this city provides a mix of rural and urban living that few other cities can match. It also boasts excellent schools, great local shopping and dining options, plenty of parks, cultural attractions, recreation areas, and a strong community of diverse people.

According to Forbes, Columbia is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, ranking 102 out of 200 as one of the best cities for business and career opportunities. In addition, the cost of living in Columbia is relatively low compared to other major cities in the US, making it an attractive option for people looking to relocate.

That said, you can easily find an affordable and suitable rental property in Columbia. Whether you’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment, a family home, or something more luxurious, plenty of options are available. However, partnering with a reliable home rental expert and property management company in Columbia ensures you get the best deal and service.

Scott Properties Midlands specializes in helping people find the perfect rental property in Columbia. We offer various homes and apartments with varying styles, locations, and amenities. Our experienced real estate agents will work closely with you to find a rental property that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Besides, leasing a house through us means that it will be appropriately managed and maintained. Our property management company in Columbia will take care of all the maintenance, repairs, inspections, and other tasks and make sure your new home is safe and comfortable. With us, you’ll have a stress-free renting experience!

That said, you must know that as much as working with professional property management is essential, it is also necessary to be familiar with common renting mistakes. We have compiled a list of the top five renting mistakes to help you avoid any unpleasant experiences.

1. Not Reading the Rental Agreement Carefully | Property Management Company In Columbia

Many renters do not read the rental agreement carefully, which can lead to issues later. The most important parts of the rental agreement are the rent amount and payment dates, occupancy rules, and property condition at the time of move-in.

Make sure to go through the rental agreement line by line and read all of the details before you sign. Because once you sign the agreement, you are legally bound to all the terms and conditions, and going against them could lead to unpleasant legal situations.

2. Not Getting Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is a type of insurance that helps protect your personal property from theft and damage and liability for accidents or injuries inside the rental unit. It is important to get renters insurance to protect yourself in an accident. It will also help you save money in the long run if something does happen to your belongings.

When looking for a rental property in Columbia, consider the cost of a renters insurance policy as part of your budget. While getting this insurance is not required by law, it will provide much-needed peace of mind and financial protection.

3. Paying Rent Late

When you sign a lease for a rental property in Columbia, you agree to pay rent on time. The date could be on the first of every month or due on another predetermined date. Landlords expect their tenants to pay rent on time regardless of the due date.

If you cannot pay rent on the specified due date, you must inform your landlord and explain the situation. Most landlords understand and will work with you to develop a payment plan or an alternative solution. However, if you fail to pay rent or make arrangements with your landlord, you could face legal consequences such as late fees or eviction.

4. Misusing Amenities

Whether it’s a rental home, an apartment building, or other types of rental property in Columbia, tenants are typically responsible for taking good care of the amenities the landlord provides. It includes but is not limited to, things like furniture, appliances, and other items that come with the rental. Tenants are also expected to keep communal areas clean and avoid damaging property.

If you misuse amenities or damage the property, you could be held financially responsible for the repairs. Inspecting the property before renting is always a good idea to ensure you know its condition so you don’t have to worry about these issues.

5. Prioritizing Square Foot Over Layout or Design | Property Management Company In Columbia

At times, tenants may prioritize the square footage of a rental property in Columbia over the layout or design – which is a mistake. While square footage is important, it’s not the only factor to consider when selecting a rental property.

Imagine having a larger space that’s dark and cramped or one with an awkward layout. Not only will this be uncomfortable, but it could be more challenging to furnish and decorate to make the most of your space.

Therefore, it’s essential to consider the layout and design of the property carefully. Take note of any windows, natural light sources, and other elements that could make or break your experience. Inspect the kitchen, bathrooms, and other common areas to ensure they meet your needs.

Looking for A Rental Property? Let the Professional Property Management Company in Columbia Help!

Scott Properties Midlands is a premier house rental expert and property management company in Columbia. Our experts are familiar with all city areas and can help you find the perfect rental property to fit your needs. We offer various options, including houses, single-family homes, apartments, and townhouses. We also have properties in all price ranges to fit any budget.

Use our search tool to find the best rental property in Columbia that meets your needs. You can narrow your search by location, rent amount, beds, and baths. Once you find a place that fits your budget and requirements, our experienced agents will help you sign a lease and move into your new home. Contact us today to get started with your search for the perfect rental property in Columbia!

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Property Management Company Columbia SC | Is My Property a Good Fit?

Property Management Company Columbia SC

As you shop around for the right property management company in Columbia, SC, you might come across options that don’t line up with the type of property you are trying to rent. Different management companies specialize in different parts of the market, after all. Finding the right partner is a matter of finding a company that knows the market you are trying to enter and has experience in that specific space. So, is your property a good fit for what we do here at Scott Properties? Let’s take a closer look below.

Some Starting Guidelines

As a good starting point, you should know that Scott Properties tends to focus on mid-market to high-end properties throughout the area. As a property management company in Columbia, SC, we have built up significant experience in this market segment, so we are best able to serve our clients by staying with what we know best. Within that category of middle to high-end, we are able to manage many different types of properties including single-family, townhomes, duplexes, condos, and more. We are proud of the work we have done with our various past and current clients, and would love to add you to that list.

The Simple Solution

There is no need to sit around and wonder if we will be able to serve as your property management company in Columbia, SC because you can simply get in touch with us today to find out directly from our team. We’ll be happy to go over your needs, learn a little more about the property or properties you own, and we can go from there. This will only take a little bit of your time and hopefully, it will lead to a successful professional relationship that can last for years to come.


Working with the right property management company can take a huge weight off of your shoulders. Scott Properties would be proud to serve in this role for you, so reach out today to learn more about our services. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Property Management Company Columbia SC | Monitoring Your Property Legally

Property Management Company Columbia SC

When your property is rented out by a long-term tenant, you might feel the need to check in on it periodically to make sure the condition is being maintained and no surprise damage will be found after that tenant moves out. You can drive by on the street at any time, of course, but that really isn’t going to show you much. Getting inside the property periodically is essential, but you need to do so in a legal fashion. A good property management company in Columbia, SC will be able to help with that task. 

Following the Rules

Although it is your property in the sense that you own it, the tenants that occupy the property while under a lease have certain rights that must be protected. That means you are now allowed to simply show up and walk into the property whenever you would like. If you’d like to do a walk-through to assess the condition of the home, you’ll need to provide at least 24 hours notice to your tenants. Of course, if you want to be a good landlord and maintain a good relationship with the renter, you’ll provide as much notice as possible and make sure this walk-through is not disruptive to their day-to-day life. With us acting as your property management company in Columbia, SC, you can have us deal with arranging this walk-through and making the proper notification in advance. 

Dealing with Issues

Beyond setting up a walk-through, another benefit of having a property management company in Columbia, SC is knowing what to do when issues do arise. What if you find something in the walk-through that is concerning? We’ll be there with you, and our team understands rental laws fully – we’ll be able to suggest a course of action and help you execute on whatever is necessary to protect your interests while staying on the right side of the law. 

Working with the right property management company can take a huge weight off of your shoulders. Scott Properties would be proud to serve in this role for you, so reach out today to learn more about our services. We hope to hear from you soon!