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Property Management Company Columbia | Rental Trends to Look For in 2023

South Carolina home values have increased by nearly 27% in the last year and the trend will continue into 2023. The housing market is so strong because of high demand and limited supply of single family homes. Throw inflation in the mix which is causing contractors to spend more and more on building, and the biggest trend for 2023 will be rent increases. However, there are a few more trends a property management company in Columbia should consider to keep returns increasing. 

Trends in Rental Properties

  1. Cohabitating in Single-Family- More and more single young adults are finding themselves looking for single-family homes where they can cohabitate with friends to save money. Sometimes a property management company in Columbia can increase profits by charging rent per bedroom when there are multiple unrelated adults living in a home.
  2. Shorter Term Leases- The market is changing quickly and shorter term leases allow a property management company in Columbia to be flexible when it comes to terms such as rent. Generally landlords cannot change the price of rent until lease renewal time, with inflation rising as fast as it is, landlords need to be able to keep up with market trends.
  3. Summer Vacation Rental- One of the best ways to make higher profits on homes used for student housing in South Carolina is to rent the home for summer vacation rentals. These types of rental turn a profit fast, especially if the property is close to the beach. 

One of the best ways for investors to keep up with the trends in the ever-changing rental market is to use a property management company in Columbia. Property managers keep a close eye on market trends and rates, take care of all the day-to-day tasks associated with being a landlord, collect and process rent, and much more. Taking on these duties allows investors to focus on their business, while a manager focuses on the tenants. 

If you need property management services in Columbia, call Scott Properties of the Midlands at 803-951-0702.

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Property Management in Columbia SC | How to Assemble a Maintenance Team 

When you work in property management in Columbia SC one of the most important things you need is a solid maintenance team. However, assembling the team can often be difficult, and some property managers do not know where to start. Luckily, we have some terrific tips and tricks that will help you find and hire the best candidates for your maintenance team. 

Tips to Hiring Great Maintenance Team Members 

  1. Knowing Where to Hire- Posting on Indeed, NowHiring, or other job platforms can be great for hiring a variety of positions, but a property manager will likely be looking for applicants with a special skill set for the maintenance team. Property management in Columbia SC could partner with staffing agencies that work with laborers that have experience in painting, drywall, carpet replacement, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and other trade skills that can be extremely valuable on a maintenance team. 
  2. Interview Process- When interviewing applicants for a property management in Columbia SC maintenance team managers should be able to conduct a skills assessment to ensure the team member will be able to complete the duties of their job. Skills assessments can be a verbal interview asking for steps to fixing a clogged drain, paint a living room, or other tasks your team will be completing, and can also be created on a computer as a formal test. In addition to the applicant’s trade skills, property managers should also be interviewing for on-call availability, great customer service skills, and time management ability. 
  3. Maintenance Supervisors- One of the most valuable positions a property manager can hire for is a maintenance supervisor. This person should have extensive experience in trade skills, maintenance, and team management. The Maintenance Supervisor can oversee scheduling of the team, managing maintenance requests from tenants, and leading move-out procedures to restore a home post-tenant; as well as helping to interview, hire, and train new crew members. 

Having a great maintenance team will have multiple benefits for property management in Columbia SC including keeping the property in pristine condition and keeping tenants in their homes and happy. Both scenarios are profitable for investors. 

If you are looking for a property management team with professional maintenance, call Scott Properties of the Midlands at 803-951-0702.

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Property Management Services Columbia SC | South Carolina Squatters Rights 

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One of the worst nightmares for owners and property management services Columbia SC is tenants who do not leave or refuse to leave after their lease is up. When people occupy a home, they are not supposed to live in, they are referred to as “squatters.” These squatters are not only people who might stay after the lease is up, but also people who break in, or friends that were not on the lease who try to stay after the original lessors move out. 

Some people believe that squatters can get lawful possession of a home through a loophole called adverse possession which allows legal ownership of a property without having to provide payment under certain conditions. However, each state has their own laws, often called “squatters rights” that govern how these situations are handled. 

Squatter’s Rights, Should I be Worried?

Squatters must occupy a home or property lawfully for more than 10 years before they can claim ownership of the property and get a deed or title in their name. These situations are unique to abandoned properties or properties that have been unclaimed through inheritances or other circumstances. 

Squatter’s rights in South Carolina are not applicable to homes that are owned by someone or under contract with property management services Columbia SC. Investors may have to deal with tenants from time to time that do not want to leave after their lease is up, or when they are being evicted, but these folks are not squatters. 

Property management services Columbia SC owners trust and work with regularly are adept at handling the legal side of evictions and tenants that violate their leases. These processes are often burdensome for owners, and a good property manager will be able to handle things from start to finish without the owner ever needing to come to court in most cases. 

If you are ready to talk to a property manager and get the process started, call Scott Properties of the Midlands at 803-951-0702. 

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Residential Property Management Lexington SC | Avoiding Discrimination

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The Fair Housing Act is federal legislation that makes it illegal for most housing providers to discriminate against a tenant based on race, disability, familiar status, national origin, color, religion, and sex. Residential property management Lexington SC investors work with are trained and certified in Federal Fair Housing regulations, but it is easy for people to slip up and discriminate against someone in a passive way and without even realizing. 

Our property managers have some recommendations you can follow to ensure you are always in compliance with the Federal Fair Housing Act. 

  1. Be Consistent- The rules need to apply to everyone equally with no exceptions being made. If leasing agents working for a residential property management Lexington SC company are supposed to ask for a photo ID when showing a home to prospects, the leasing agent or property manager needs to ensure the practice is consistent. Same scenario applies to applicants that might not qualify for the home but offer to pay the full lease up front. If you allow one tenant to do this, you must allow all applicants the ability to do this. 
  2. Fulfill Maintenance Requests First Come First Served- When it comes to maintenance, the crew might want to resolve smaller problems or quick to fix issues first; however, it is important that, unless there is a maintenance emergency, that all requests are addressed in the order they are received. Following this rule will ensure that your maintenance staff is not accused of discrimination. 
  3. Practice Giving Tours and Processing Applications- If there are multiple people working in the leasing or property management office, try to spend time practicing having conversations with coworkers and roleplaying. When having a conversation with potential tenants, it can be easy to slip up and give out information that you are not allowed to, or accidentally discriminate against someone. Practicing your approach to showing homes and answering questions can save residential property management Lexington SC companies a fair housing violation lawsuit. 

Partnering with residential property management Lexington SC companies to take care of your investment properties is always a fantastic way to make sure you are not violating the law. When you are on the hunt for the perfect partnership, make sure to ask if all the leasing agents at each company are certified in Federal Fair Housing laws. 

If you are looking for property management in Lexington SC, call Scott Properties at 843-779-6527.

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Property Management Companies in Columbia SC | How to Make Carpet Last In Rental Homes

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Property management companies in Columbia SC understand the burden of needing to purchase and replace carpeting with every moveout, and the strain it puts on investors. Between the price of materials, the cost of labor, and the time it takes away from being able to re-rent a home, carpet replacement can really put a dent in an investor’s budget for property maintenance. Luckily, there are a few ways you can make carpets last longer so that they do not need to be replaced every time! 

Tips for Rental Carpet Care

Carpets are easy to damage and get dirty but property management companies in Columbia SC can take certain steps to make reduce the damage and keep carpets in good shape longer. 

  1. Hard Surfaces at Entryways- Many homes have carpeting in the rooms that contain exit doors. It is common for living rooms, sitting rooms, or foyers to have carpet; however, consider a hard surface for just in front of the entry. Tile, laminate, or hardwood flooring in front of the doors to create a 5’ x 5’ landing area will help reduce the amount of dirt, water, grass, and grime that is dragged into the house on your shoes from the outside. 
  2. Complimentary Carpet Cleaning- At least once per year, offer a free deep carpet clean to your renters. They will appreciate the above and beyond service, clean carpets, and property management services in Columbia SC will reap the benefits of reduced carpet replacements! This is a win-win for everyone involved! 
  3. Consider the Type of Carpet- There are many different types of carpeting. Some have longer fibers, others are denser, and there are even carpets that are moisture wicking and stain resistant! Carpeting such as polypropylene fiber carpet is the most popular, easiest to clean, and affordable. Nylon Frieze and nylon are also very durable and easy to clean. 
  4. Provide a Vacuum- Some property managers will go as far as to provide every home with its very own vacuum cleaner. This way, residents are guaranteed to have one on hand during move-in, which is often one of the messiest times. A vacuum cleaner will cost less than carpet replacement! 

Keeping carpets clean and looking brand new can be difficult. Sometimes, no matter what precautions you take, carpet replacement will be inevitable. A property manager can help ensure the likelihood of replacement is reduced. 

If you’re looking for property management in Columbia SC, call Scott Properties at 843-779-6527.

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Property Management in Columbia SC | Why Social Media Matters for Landlords

Property Management in Columbia SC

Once upon a time, a landlord could rent a house quickly by posting an add to craigslist and a sign in the front yard. Today, all the best companies doing property management in Columbia SC understand that social media matters—a lot. Not every property owner wants to focus on social media, it can be tedious and time consuming, but there are incredibly good reasons why you should be connected:

  • Most single-family home renters are between 25 and 38 years old. These young people rely on Facebook and Instagram to connect them with the world with nearly the entire Unites States population in this age range having access to the internet and a smart phone.
  • Images are everything and platforms like Instagram are perfect for showcasing your beautiful coastal homes if you work in property management in Columbia SC. The historic homes against beautiful Southern landscapes can skyrocket the algorithms and ensure your posts are seen.
  • Social Media is a wonderful way for property owners to post reminders or links to fun events happening in the neighborhood. They might also post information on bulk waste pickup, landscape waste collection, or other vital services. Social media is also most renter’s preferred way to find out about new homes for rent.
  • Marketplace on Facebook allows property owners to post rentals. Tenants have access to many different filters to narrow down the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they need, rent they can afford, and other necessities for the perfect rental. Utilizing the social media marketplaces to highlight your rental homes is one of the best ways that property management in Columbia SC for booking appointments and getting new interest.
  • Tenants and prospective tenants can leave reviews on your social media page that will attract new renters in the future. Many renters go to a company’s social media business page to check the public opinion on a landlord before signing a lease or paying an application fee.

One of the best ways to stay on top of your social media game is to hire a property manager that has excellent marketing skills. There is no time like the present to dive into your social media goals and see your investment explode with new opportunities.

If you are ready to make your investment the best it can be, call Scott Properties of Columbia at 803-951-0702.

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Midlands Property Management | Tips For Renting Your Home Between Tenants (Scott Properties)

Midlands Property Management | Tips For Renting Your Home Between Tenants


Midlands Property Management | Your tenant has moved out, and you’ve done the major work of repairing any damages left behind, repainting, and cleaning so that the home looks new again, but you may still have trouble renting it if all your prospective tenants see new carpet and freshly painted walls when you’re between renters and taking applications for your rental home use these tips from the best Midlands property management companies on how to make your home wow your tenants.


  1. Stage Furniture- One of the best ways to make a house feel like a home is to stage furniture. Outfit at least one of the bedrooms with a bed, dresser, and end table. Put a sofa and coffee table in the living room and set up dining set in the dining room. Give your guests a visual so that they can easily imagine what their furniture would look like in the space. Midlands property management companies even suggest staging photographs of landscapes or animals, adding decorative pillows, having vases with flowers, and other small touches to make tenants feel welcome.


  1. Make it Smell Good- No one wants to live in a home that stinks. Use air fresheners or diffuse oils or incense that smells calming and comforting such as cotton, fresh air, lavender, chamomile, or light citrus to help bring a little excitement. Baking smells are also a great scent to use when showing a home.


  1. Dust Before You Show- Even if the cleaning crew had done a detailed clean already, the day or morning before showing the home you should go back through and dust, wipe down mirrors and check for fingerprints on the appliances. You want your prospective tenants to feel like they are the first ones living in their dream home.


One of the best tips for renting between tenants is to hire a Midlands property management company to manage your rental home and ensure that you have quality tenants who rent for the long term and love your home as much as you do. Give Scott Properties a call when you are ready to work with the best property managers in South Carolina. 843-352-8413.

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Property Manager | Spotting Fake Landlord References (Scott Properties)

Property Manager | Spotting Fake Landlord References

As a property manager, one application process you are in charge of is checking references for previous landlords. Checking these references is one task you never want to skip because references tell you vital information about your prospective tenant that may not show up on the background or credit check. If previous landlords didn’t report to the credit bureau or sue the tenant, you might not ever know if they paid rent on time or if they damaged the property. Many tenants who have had problems with landlords or a property manager in the past will ask their friends or family to provide false references, pretending to be a previous landlord. You can easily spot these fakers by following these tips:


  1. Don’t tell them who you are. If you call asking for Joe Smith and they ask who you are, don’t say that you’re a property manager calling about a reference. You want to catch the imposter off guard by pretending to be a renter yourself. Inquire about available homes for rent, and if the landlord begins to humble over their words or suddenly hangs up, you know you’ve got a false reference.


  1. When you ask questions about the tenant, the landlord should be able to give you details about that person including how long they lived at the address provided if they paid on time, and other details. If the “landlord” is vague or tells you, they can’t remember, these can be red flags for false references.


  1. Search for the “landlord” online. If this person is a legitimate landlord, you should be able to find their name and phone number linked to rental properties or a property management company. You can also search the name on social media and see if they seem to be linked to the tenant such as being Facebook friends or listing each other as family. These are huge red flags for false references.


Taking the time to go through dozens of references every time you have a new property for rent can be tedious and exhausting. Consider hiring a property manager from Scott Properties to help you manage your rental home efficiently and with great return on investment. Call us today 843-352-8413.

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Property Manager | Moving to Midlands, South Carolina During Summer (Scott Properties)

Property Manager | Moving to Midlands, South Carolina During Summer


Property Manager | Midlands, South Carolina is one of the most iconic cities in the United States. The city is a blend of southern charm and coastal elegance which creates an atmosphere that no other cities can match. During the summertime Midlands buzzes with excitement and welcomes tourists from all over the world which can sometimes make finding a suitable home rental difficult, especially if you want to live near the beach. This is why renting with a property manager is always a great idea in Midlands. Follow our other tips and tricks for moving to Midlands in the summer to be prepared for your big move.


  1. Plan Ahead- Summer is the busiest time for moving anywhere, but especially in Midlands where people often rent a house for months or half the year at a time. There are a lot of summer houses available in Midlands but finding the perfect home for long term rental can sometimes be challenging. As soon as you know you are moving to Midlands, you should start looking for a reliable property manager who can help you secure a rental ahead of time.


  1. Research the Area- When you are looking for homes for rent in Midlands you need to research the area where the homes you are interested are located. Because Midlands is a prime tourism spot, there are a lot of houses that are offered as short-term rentals through sites like Air B n B. If you prefer to live somewhere you won’t have revolving neighbors, make sure your property manager knows you want to live in a residential neighborhood with established homeowners.


  1. Avoid Moving During Peak Times- Labor Day Weekend, Fourth of July Weekend, and Memorial Day weekend is the most popular time to move during the summer because most people have a three-day weekend and are off work. The first and last weekends of the month are also busy as this is when leases typically end. Moving during the week can get you discounts on moving trucks and movers sometimes too!

If you are ready to start working with a property manager to find your dream home in Midlands, contact Scott Properties today at 843-3528413.