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Property Management Services Columbia SC | South Carolina Squatters Rights 

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One of the worst nightmares for owners and property management services Columbia SC is tenants who do not leave or refuse to leave after their lease is up. When people occupy a home, they are not supposed to live in, they are referred to as “squatters.” These squatters are not only people who might stay after the lease is up, but also people who break in, or friends that were not on the lease who try to stay after the original lessors move out. 

Some people believe that squatters can get lawful possession of a home through a loophole called adverse possession which allows legal ownership of a property without having to provide payment under certain conditions. However, each state has their own laws, often called “squatters rights” that govern how these situations are handled. 

Squatter’s Rights, Should I be Worried?

Squatters must occupy a home or property lawfully for more than 10 years before they can claim ownership of the property and get a deed or title in their name. These situations are unique to abandoned properties or properties that have been unclaimed through inheritances or other circumstances. 

Squatter’s rights in South Carolina are not applicable to homes that are owned by someone or under contract with property management services Columbia SC. Investors may have to deal with tenants from time to time that do not want to leave after their lease is up, or when they are being evicted, but these folks are not squatters. 

Property management services Columbia SC owners trust and work with regularly are adept at handling the legal side of evictions and tenants that violate their leases. These processes are often burdensome for owners, and a good property manager will be able to handle things from start to finish without the owner ever needing to come to court in most cases. 

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