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Getting Ready for Summer in Your Rental

Renting an apartment or house is convenient because you have someone to call whenever an appliance breaks or the HVAC stops working, or the roof gets a leak. What’s even better is that most of the maintenance of your rental is never charged to you! However, when summer approaches, maintenance staff are generally up to their ears in requests and can sometimes get backlogged. There are a few steps you can take as a tenant, to help minimize maintenance requests for your property manager, and create faster response times for issues being resolved.

  1. Try the A/C Before Summer: A/C’s blowing hot air or the fan not coming on at all is one of the most common maintenance issues for rentals in the summer time. Check you’re a/c to ensure it is working ahead of summer, such as in early March. If something isn’t working, put in a request now. While it may not be top priority, you definitely won’t be dealing with hot blowing air by summer like your neighbors who waited might. Your property manager will also appreciate that you aren’t on the back logs of HVAC issues needing to be addressed.
  2. Window Screen: Are you missing a window screen? Make sure to put in a maintenance request for a new one. Opening your windows in the spring or summer without a screen will invite in bugs and other potentially pesky critters creating more maintenance issues. Property Managers usually have a pest control company on speed dial, but sometimes it can take several treatments to get rid of insects.
  3. Bad Smells: Another common maintenance request is bad smells coming from the garbage disposal or dishwasher. Even if you don’t use them, you should run your dishwasher at least once a month and flush your garbage disposal with hot water while turning it on to minimize clogs. Your dishwasher should also be cleaned out and dishes with stuck on food should be washed by hand.

If you have any concerns about the maintenance and summer readiness of your home, don’t be afraid to contact your property manager. If you are looking for a new home before summer, give Scott Properties a call to make an appointment.