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Tips on Curb Appeal from A Property Management Company

Property Management Company | If you are charging market rent or above for your rental home, curb appeal must be comparable to or better than the other properties for rent in your neighborhood. Curb appeal is what attractions renters to your home. Other than location and price, the way a home looks is one of the most important things a renter thinks about when deciding where to live. Use these tips from professional property management companies to increase the curb appeal of your rental home.

1. Maintain the Yard- Mowing the grass and raking the leaves is very important for curb appeal. When home owners and property management allow yard to become overrun with weeds, don’t rake the leaves, and allow the grass to grow long when homes are vacant, renters don’t believe the home owners care about the property. When property management shows and markets the home to renters, the yard being well maintained sets the tone for the meeting and will leave an impression on the renter.

2. Plant Flowers- Everyone wants to be welcomed home by colorful flowers. If you are renting a home in the winter months ask the property management to put wreaths out, pine garland, and other evergreen plants around the exterior of the home to be festive and welcoming. When garden beds and yards are landscaped, it shows that the home has been well taken care of and creates an inviting ambiance.

3. Cut Down Dead Trees and Branches- There is nothing more menacing than dead trees and bushes in a front yard. When long, dead branches hang over driveways or on street parking, renters will fear damage to their cars or getting hurt by falling branches. Your property management should arrange for dead branches and trees to be trimmed back twice per year.

4. Keep Walk Ways Clear- When winter comes and snow falls, potential renters don’t want to worry about needing to tread through snow to get to the front porch. The last thing the property management wants is someone slipping and falling on the home’s walkways. When visitors pull up to the home, clear walkways are a welcoming invitation to approach the home.

Scott Properties has many other tips and tricks to increasing your curb appeal! Call today to ask us how we can help you!