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Rental Property Management in Midlands | How to Market to Generation Z Renters (Scott Properties)

Rental Property Management in Midlands | How to Market to Generation Z Renters

Rental Property Management in Midlands | Millennials are transitioning into home ownership and investing in their portfolios of the property while Generation Z is going to or graduating from college and looking for homes to rent. Generation Z isn’t like previous generations though, and marketing to these tech-savvy, frugal, and conscientious renters requires a different approach than you may be accustomed to. Rental property management in Midlands, where dozens of young people are moving daily, need to ensure they follow these strategies to connecting with the next generation of renters. 

  1. Social Media Marketing- Getting a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest account for your rental property management in Midlands is vital to reaching Generation Z. Many people in this generation use apps like Facebook Messenger to communicate rather than use their texting or calling on cell phones. 
  2. Video Content- Generation Z is all about the video content and would much rather watch a virtual tour than read through a list of amenities. Providing video content for social media also means that tenants and prospects can share your content with their friends and family, which is free advertising for your rental property management in Midlands. 
  3. Don’t Inflate Prices- Generation Z watched their parents and aunts and uncles struggle through the Great Recession and, while they are more entrepreneurial than other generations, they are also much more frugal. Generation Z wants value in what they pay for, and if they don’t see the value, they won’t even consider your home for rent. 
  4. Go Digital- Generation Z doesn’t want to come into the office to pay rent every month. They don’t even own a checkbook. This generation of renters wants to pay rent online, and while you’re setting up an online portal for rent, you should also allow online maintenance requests. Generation Z also prefers to communicate digitally and will be more likely to ask you to text than call, so ensure that your rental property management in Midlands understands and is comfortable with this. 

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