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Rental Property Management Midlands | Why You Should Buy Property in Midlands (Scott Properties)

Rental Property Management Midlands | Why You Should Buy Property in Midlands 

Rental Property Management Midlands | If you’ve been looking to invest in rental property on the coast but aren’t sure where the best place to buy your property is, look no further than Midlands, South Carolina. More than 700,000 people live in the thriving Midlands Metropolitan Area and the housing market has been competitive and looks to stay that way into the future. Now is the best time to buy an investment property and let rental property management in Midlands help you rake in the extra income every month. Check out these reasons to invest in Midlands. 

  1. Property Values- When you purchase an investment property you want the home to increase in value and rental property management in Midlands companies are seeing an increase of 8.4% in some home values just in the last year. The average price of a home in Midlands is around $299,000 while is an almost $50,000 increase from the average home price in 2015 according to Zillow estimates. Real estate values have also appreciated nearly 32% in the last ten years, and appreciation is higher in Midlands than 70% of other cities in the United States. 
  2. Rent Values- People will pay a pretty penny for homes in Midlands because of it’s prime and historic location. In 2018, the median rent in North Midlands for a single-family home was $1,850. The Midlands Metro area had an average rental rate of $1,650. 
  3. Rent Market- Roughly 49% of adults in Midlands are renters, and the median age of a citizen in Midlands is 36. This is advantageous for property management in Midlands because most of the people in this age demographic will be small families looking for detached homes with three to four bedrooms. These families are likely to want to rent, especially when the median income in Midlands makes buying a home unaffordable for some families.

Now is the time to dive into a rental property in Midlands and a property management in Midlands company like Scott Properties can help your investments earn you the extra income you’ve been looking for. Contact Scott Properties at 843-352-8341.