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Property Manager | Would You Make A Great Property Manager?

Property managers have fun jobs. You get to help people find a home to rent that they can call their own. Being a property manager allows you to meet new people, do some traveling, and market your properties in the community. This career is one that requires you to be in front of people and tech savvy, organized but also flexible, and someone who can keep tenants and property owners happy.

Have you been considering a career as a property manager? Are you thinking about renting out your home or flipping houses to rent? There are a lot of ways people get into a property manager role, but there are a few skills you will need if you want to be great at your job.

  1. You must be friendly and relatable. One of the most important personality traits of someone who is a property manager is to be friendly and relatable. You must be able to talk to people openly and be outgoing when trying to lease a property. You must also be approachable to renters and relatable to make them want to keep renting the home.
  2. You must be organized. A property manager sometimes manages multiple units or homes. You have to stay on top of move-in dates, move out dates, inspections, cleanings, maintenance, showings for leasing, marketing appointments and more. You also may be responsible for paying other people who work for you and creating a schedule. If you aren’t organized a property manager job may not be best for you.
  3. You have to be flexible. As much as you need to be organized, you have to be able to change your plans and reorganize in the moment. You may have someone walk into your office or call you wanting to see a home right away. A tenant may have an emergency, a natural disaster could create problems at multiple properties. Being flexible is a must for an extraordinary property manager.

Being a property manager is a rewarding career for the right type of person. If you are looking for a property manager that possesses the above traits, Contact Scott Properties today!