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Property Manager | Raising Rent Without Losing Tenants (Scott Properties)

Property Manager | Raising Rent Without Losing Tenants

Property Manager | The minimum wage is increasing, the cost of food, gas, and living, in general, is all going up. This means that the cost involved in having investment property is going up as well, and, unfortunately, this cost needs to be passed on to the tenant. No property manager expects tenants to be happy about their rent going up, but there are a few things that you can do to make the transition go smoothly without the resident decides to vacate.

1. Write a Rent Increase Letter- Do not wait until the tenant is in front of you to sign their renewal for them to find out that their rent is going up. Send a letter at least 90 days before the end of their lease, letting them know about the increase and continue to follow up with them to ensure there are no surprises. Make sure to check with your local laws regarding rent control and rent increase procedures also and always send the letter certified mail so you know it’s delivered, or deliver the message in person yourself.

2. Lease Details- A property manager needs to be sure that leases are complete and thorough and include a clause about rental increases. Some leases details guarantee that rent won’t increase for a certain amount of time and also spell out what the property manager and tenant responsibilities are.

3. Five Percent Rule- The best way to raise rent and keep tenants is not to price gauge the rent. While you want to keep your rent in line with the market rent trends, raising the rent by more than five percent is a great way to lose tenants fast. Try to keep in mind that this is affecting their budget too.

4. Consider Upgrades- You’re asking your tenants to pay more, so they should get more too, right? Offering your tenants a fresh coat of paint, carpet cleaning, or new landscaping options is a great way to make that rent increase hurt a little less and keep your tenants happy. Ask your tenants what they might like and try to accommodate whenever possible.

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