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Property Manager | The Three Kinds of Maintenance Your Rental Property Will Need

Property Manager | The Three Kinds of Maintenance Your Rental Property Will Need

When you decide to become a property manager, one of the major tasks you will find becoming part of your job is overseeing the property maintenance. Investors need the values of their homes to rise while making a profit on rent and when a home is falling into disarray, there are issues to be fixed, and maintenance has not been a priority, home values fall and so does resident retention and rent value.  

Three Types of Rental Home Maintenance

There are three types of maintenance that a property manager must provide for single-family rental homes. Providing these types of maintenance will ensure that owners and tenants stay happy, and properties stay filled with no vacancies.

Preventative Maintenance-There are a few different preventative maintenance tasks that all single-family homes need, including duct cleaning, air filter change, annual roof inspections, and yard maintenance. A lot of these tasks will fall on the renter, but the property manager is often the person in charge of the bigger preventative maintenance tasks such as roofing inspections since the investor is the one who holds the warranty.

Corrective Maintenance-The bulk of maintenance a property manager has to conduct on a single-family home is corrective maintenance. This type of maintenance is when a tenant calls and says that something is broken and needs to be fixed, there’s a leak, crack in the wall, the garbage disposal stopped working, or other issues that the tenant cannot fix on their own. Depending on the issue, some of these things might be the tenant’s responsibility. A property manager needs to make sure that all of the tenant’s maintenance responsibilities are clearly spelled out in the lease.

Emergency Maintenance-The worst nightmare for a property manager is often an emergency maintenance issue such as flooding, break-in, natural disaster, pipes bursting, gas line breaks, or other issues that can affect the safety and security of tenants. Emergency maintenance is hopefully the type of maintenance that will take up the least amount of time for a property manager.

Maintenance takes up a lot of time for homeowners, renters, and your property manager. Make sure everyone involved in the property understands what part of the maintenance they are responsible for to avoid lease violations and keep the property in great shape.

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