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Property Management in Lexington SC | What Must a Lease Include?

Property Management in Lexington SC

The lease is the most important part of a rental relationship between tenants and property management in Lexington SC. The lease is a legally binding agreement that both tenants and landlords, owners, or property managers must abide by. The property manager is responsible for creating and enforcing a lease so ensuring that everything needing to be covered is included in this legally binding document is vital to protecting everyone’s rights under the law.

Lease Check List

Some leases are pages long while others are only a few paragraphs. The more detailed your lease is, the better protected owners and property management in Lexington SC will be when it comes to landlord-tenant laws and regulations. Use this checklist to ensure your lease is comprehensive and legal.

  • Lease term
  • Security deposit amounts
  • Rental due dates
  • Penalties for missed or late rent payments
  • Names of all tenants and occupants
  • Property manager responsibilities including repairs and maintenance, pest control, lawn care, etc.
  • Pet policy
  • Deposit return policy
  • Policies on noise, guests, HOA dues, smoking, painting, updates, or other reasonable restrictions on use, damage, home cleanliness, home inspections and other rules.
  • Tenant responsibilities such as obtaining renter’s insurance, having utilities turned on in the tenant’s name, keeping those utilities on, and other responsibilities.
  • Penalties for lease violations
  • Expectations regarding communications between staff and tenants
  • Policies on lease renewal
  • Policies on eviction process
  • Contact information for the property manager.

One thing that a property owner can do to ensure that a lease is legal and employable is get advice from their lawyer. Contractual attorneys specialize in leases and other contracts involving property and business arrangements. Many times, you can partner with a legal expert through a property management in Lexington SC company to ensure your lease is detailed, comprehensive, and inclusive of everything you need to protect all parties involved in the agreement.

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