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Hiring a Property Manager Can Increase Your Quality of Life

All property owners who operate rental homes have days where they don’t want to answer anymore tenant calls. Property owners have times where they don’t know why they ever got into the rental home business because they have no time to themselves or to spend with their family anymore. Are you sick of having to field phone calls because your tenants don’t understand how to work their air conditioners? Being a property owner of rental properties can be a super stressful job that is more than we bargained for when we thought making money off rental properties would be fun and easy. If you want to increase your quality of life and still make a substantial income from your rental properties, you should hire a property manager.

What Does a Property Manager Do?

A Property manager is your tenants’ main contact person for your rental home. If you don’t want to be bothered by tenant phone calls, a property manager will be a lifesaver for you. Property managers have expertise in marketing rental homes. They know what the average rent for a property like yours is and they know how to make your home worth more than average.

Homeowners can also trust property managers to attract the right kind of tenants to their property. Many property managers can perform background checks on tenants if you have requirements relating to criminal history or credit. A property manager can also handle all of the day to day tenant needs once the tenants move in.

Property managers are also great for bookkeeping and property maintenance. A property manager can invoice a vendor, set up appointments for maintenance issues, and be the liaison between tenants and the property owners. Homeowners can even allow property managers to handle lease violations, late rent payments, collections activities, and legal proceedings.

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