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Difference Between Renting from Property Management Companies and Private Landlords

Many renters are not sure whether they are renting from a property management firm or a private landlord. Some renters prefer one over the other, but commonly, large apartment communities are managed by property management companies, and single homes are often private landlords. However, increasingly homeowners are turning to property management companies to rent their single-family units.

One of the major benefits of a property management firm rental is that the property is usually managed in a more professional way. These managers full-time jobs are to manage properties and work for and with tenants. They know the rental laws backwards and forwards, are always knowledgeable on competitive market rent, and they usually utilize the latest technology and property management software to keep organized, keep accounting straight, and allow for more modern conveniences such as paying rent online, and submitting maintenance requests online.

Private landlords have the benefit of being more lenient in their leases. Many private landlords are easier to negotiate with when it comes to late rent or having pets. Private landlords may also be more likely to let you out of your lease early or make special concessions for you because they do not have to worry about treating hundreds of tenants equally.

Private landlords are more likely to make decisions emotionally while property management firms are always business minded and try to keep their professional image in mind at all times. A negative to property management firms are that they are sticklers for the rules. You will be paying that $50 late fee every month and you won’t get away with having a cat in your apartment or a move out inspection done.

In the end, property management companies are the best way to protect the tenants and property owner’s rights and ensure that all handlings are legal and professional. Scott Properties is the perfect property management company to handle your rental needs!