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Common Questions Owners Have About Property Management

Property Management | Deciding to hire property management to take care of your rental property is a big decision and one that should not be made lightly. There may be several companies that boast the best vacancy fill rates or have great reviews, but as an owner, there are common things that you should wonder about. When you begin interviews potential companies to manage your rental property, make sure to ask these questions.

  1. Do You Require A Security Deposit?Not requiring a security deposit is a big mistake for homeowners and most property management companies will also charge at least one full month’s rent as a deposit that will be placed in an escrow account according to law. These deposits protect the owner against damages incurred by the tenant.
  2. Do You Do Inspections?Believe it or not, many property management companies do not walk through or inspect rental homes to make sure that everything is being taken care of. An excellent property management company should schedule walkthroughs at least twice per year to verify that the house is being treated well.
  3. What Are Your Fees?Don’t trust a property management company that has hidden fees or charges for services based on a laundry list. A high-quality management firm should charge a flat percentage rate of the gross monthly rent. Owners also need to ask if the tenant doesn’t pay rent, who is responsible for the rental fee? Some companies may require that the property owner still pay the fee, even if the renter doesn’t pay. Look for a property management firm that doesn’t hold owner’s responsible such as Scott Properties in Midlands.
  4. What is The Application Process for Tenants? As the owner of the home, you want to know that the people renting from you will pay on time, not destroy your home, and not cause problems in the neighborhood. Tenants should be screened through an application to determine suitability. Background checks, income verification, and previous rental history along with photo idea should all be part of the application process.


Start with these four questions when you interview property managers. If the answers aren’t to your liking after these four, it is time to move on to a different property management company. Call Scott Properties today to see how we can help you rent your home in Midlands!