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Midlands Property Management | The Hippest Neighborhoods in Midlands (Scott Properties)

Midlands Property Management | The Hippest Neighborhoods in Midlands 

Midlands Property Management | The under 35 population is renting rather than buying homes, which are great news for Midlands property management companies because single-family home rentals are more popular than ever before. If you’ve been wondering about the best neighborhoods to start your rental property business, just check out the hippest neighborhoods in Midlands to see where you should buy a property. 

Harleston Village- College students, recent graduates, and academic types love living in Harleston Village because of it’s proximity to the College of Midlands. Harleston is also pretty swanky and affluent with large houses, streets lined with mossy oak trees, and antebellum architecture. 

Wagener Terrace- Located on the downtown peninsula, Wagener Terrace has a hip, cool vibe with many local bars, gastro pubs, restaurants, and many amazing parks. Bill Murray even owns a restaurant in this part of town which he sometimes hangs out at. If you want to rent a house in a neighborhood with all the best food, Midlands property management can help you find the perfect property in Wagener Terrace. 

Avondale- On the west side of the downtown peninsula in the West Ashley region of Midlands is a cool neighborhood known for its trendy bars and restaurants. Avondale is full of young professionals and small families, artists, boutique stores, and the West Ashley Bikeway—an almost 8-mile stretch that residents can walk, run, or bike on through downtown and the other neighborhoods in Midlands. 

Mount Pleasant- This coastal neighborhood is nearby downtown and the beaches and is known for its excellent public school system and family-friendly environment. Many of the people who live in Mount Pleasant have lived there for generations and is a conservative neighborhood. 

The Islands- One of the most popular places to live in Midlands are the islands. The neighborhoods on the island are pricy but elegant and the only oceanfront public schools in the continental US are in Sullivan’s Island. 

If you’ve recently bought property in one of these neighborhoods and need Midlands property management to help you rent your home, call Scott Properties at 843-790-0148.

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Rental Property Management Midlands | Residential Leasing Terms That Every Property Manager Should Know (Scott Properties)

Rental Property Management Midlands | Residential Leasing Terms That Every Property Manager Should Know

Rental Property Management Midlands | One of the most important traits a property manager must have is knowing the right leasing terminology so that rental prospects trust that the property manager knows what they are talking about. If a renter asks the property manager what a term in the lease means, the property manager needs to be able to explain the term clearly. Here are a few terms we think you should know that you might not already. 

Fixed Term Lease- A fixed-term lease is for a specified period. These leases are usually for 6, 12, or 18 months, but some leases could be longer. Most will end on a specified date and have the option of becoming a month-to-month lease, or you’ll be offered a chance to renew your lease or vacate. 

Grace Period- Some leases will include a grace period stipulated in the lease for paying rent late without penalty, or for other things such as being able to back out of your lease after you sign one. 

Guarantor- A guarantor is also called a co-signor and is a person who guarantees that if the renter is unable to pay their rent, the co-signor will be responsible for paying. A guarantor is usually needed when the applicant cannot meet the rental criteria on their own. 

Periodic Term Lease- This type of lease automatically renews at the end of the term for the same amount of time as the original lease. If the lessor or lessee wishes to break the lease or not renew, they will have to provide notice before the lease is up. The lease will specify exactly how far in advance both parties will need to give notice. 

Sublease- The property manager may allow a property to be sublet under certain conditions. A sublet is when the lessee has to vacate the property before the end of their lease term, but someone else is available to take over the remainder of the lease. If the person subleasing the home does not pay rent, the original renter is often responsible. 

If you’re ready to hire a property manager that understand a lease like the back of their hand, call Scott Properties at 843-790-0148. 

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Midlands Property Management | Protecting Investment Properties From Flood Water (Scott Properties)

Midlands Property Management | Protecting Investment Properties From Flood Water 

Midlands Property Management | A property manager in Midlands, South Carolina, must be aware of the protections they must take against floodwater in rental homes. Hurricane season can often be rough on Midlands, and heavy storms can damage investment properties that a property manager needs to look after. Luckily, there are a few things that a property manager can do to protect your investment home from damage. 

  1. Maintain the Gutter System- Gutters collect the water from the roof and channel it away from the home so that your roof does not become waterlogged. Gutter maintenance is the single best way to avoid roof leaks and damage. Add downspout extensions to move water further away from your home and prevent basement flooding. 
  2. Educate Tenants- A good property manager needs to make sure the tenants living in the home are educated on what to do in the case of flooding. Their first step should be to shut off the gas and electricity to reduce fire risk and electrocution. Make sure tenants know the emergency maintenance number and that someone is available to answer those calls, especially during storm season. 
  3. Inspect- The property manager needs to inspect the home periodically, and even more often in storm season, for leaks, cracks, and other flood damage risks. Roof leaks and foundational seal cracks should be fixed as soon as possible. 
  4. Sump Pumps- Every rental property should have a basement sump pump. Sump pumps can also be installed in the low points in your driveway and carports. You can even put sump pumps in your landscaping to keep water from logging in your gardens and yard. 
  5. Flood Equipment- Every property manager should have access to wet/dry vacuums, large circulating fans, mops, and buckets. If your property is flooded chances are others in the area will be too, and water cleanup companies may be swamped. The property manager needs to be able to deploy a maintenance team to start the cleanup. 

If you’re interested in working with a knowledgeable property manager for your home, call Scott Properties at 843-352-8341. 

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Midlands Property Management | Social Media and Your Midlands Property Management Company  (Scott Properties)

Midlands Property Management | Social Media and Your Midlands Property Management Company 

Midlands property management is a competitive business. There are dozens of people moving to the Midlands metro area every day and these folks are looking for places to rent while they are starting careers and families, but you have to be able to connect with them if you want them to consider your rental properties. One of the best ways to connect with prospective tenants, and current renters, is to use social media for business, and there are several reasons why. 

  1. Advertising- A Midlands property management company has to advertise their properties; otherwise, no one would know they were for rent. Social media advertising is the best way to target specific demographics or keywords to find qualifying tenants. There are easy social media management tools that make posting to social media easy and convenient. 
  2. Bring Value to Your Business- Tenants and residents in the neighborhoods where you have homes for rent should want to follow you on social media to be in the know about local events. Midlands property management should be the first ones to hear about special events, road closures, town ordinances, and other news. When you can relay this information to your tenants and how them you are invested in the communities, they are more likely to refer you to friends and family for their Midlands property management needs. Your current tenants will also appreciate being able to check a Facebook page and find out when inspections are happening to properties or any rent specials being offered. 
  3. Generate Leads- Social media platforms like Twitter are becoming the best way to reach renters and generate leads due to search functions that allow Midlands property management companies to search for keywords like “moving out.” This super specific targeting can only be done through social media. 

Are you looking for a Midlands property management company that understands how to take advantage of social media? Give Scott Properties a call at 843-352-8341. 

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Midlands Property Management | Increase Curb Appeal for High-End Rental Homes (Scott Properties)

Midlands Property Management | Increase Curb Appeal for High-End Rental Homes 

Midlands Property Management | When you’re renting your high-end home in an upscale neighborhood in the Midlands area, one of the most important things you need to keep in mind is a great curb appeal. When people are paying thousands of dollars to live in your home, they expect a well-maintained property with excellent curb appeal. When you show your home to prospective tenants in an upscale neighborhood, they will know as soon as they step foot on the property if they can see themselves living there. Here are a few tips from Midlands property management on increasing your curb appeal for high-end rental homes:

  1. Clean it Up- If the rental home hasn’t had a good deep cleaning inside and out, now is the time. Power washes the siding, clean out the gutters, trim the bushes, pick up sticks and branches, update the landscaping, mow the yard, and clean off the driveway and walkways of debris. This will make an immediate impact on the curb appeal of your rental home. 
  2. Add Accents- Add bright shutters, paint the door blue, add color to the trim, or talk to Midlands property management companies about what the current trends are for unique curb appeal and home aesthetics in Midlands. 
  3. Modern Light Fixtures- Exterior light fixtures may seem like a small outdoor accessory, but they can make a significant impact on your curb appeal according to Midlands property management companies. Use modern light fixtures, add lights to your drive or walkways, hang pendant lights from your covered porch to make a great statement. 
  4. Small Updates- You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it can make when Midlands property management updates the little things on an upscale rental property. A brand-new mailbox, a beautiful garden bench, planters with colorful flowers, or a new and healthy tree can make a huge difference in curb appeal. 

Midlands property management like Scott Properties has the best know-how on keeping curb appeal on your rental home high. Call today to see how Scott Properties can manage your home at 843-352-8341. 

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Rental Property Management in Midlands | How to Market to Generation Z Renters (Scott Properties)

Rental Property Management in Midlands | How to Market to Generation Z Renters

Rental Property Management in Midlands | Millennials are transitioning into home ownership and investing in their portfolios of the property while Generation Z is going to or graduating from college and looking for homes to rent. Generation Z isn’t like previous generations though, and marketing to these tech-savvy, frugal, and conscientious renters requires a different approach than you may be accustomed to. Rental property management in Midlands, where dozens of young people are moving daily, need to ensure they follow these strategies to connecting with the next generation of renters. 

  1. Social Media Marketing- Getting a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest account for your rental property management in Midlands is vital to reaching Generation Z. Many people in this generation use apps like Facebook Messenger to communicate rather than use their texting or calling on cell phones. 
  2. Video Content- Generation Z is all about the video content and would much rather watch a virtual tour than read through a list of amenities. Providing video content for social media also means that tenants and prospects can share your content with their friends and family, which is free advertising for your rental property management in Midlands. 
  3. Don’t Inflate Prices- Generation Z watched their parents and aunts and uncles struggle through the Great Recession and, while they are more entrepreneurial than other generations, they are also much more frugal. Generation Z wants value in what they pay for, and if they don’t see the value, they won’t even consider your home for rent. 
  4. Go Digital- Generation Z doesn’t want to come into the office to pay rent every month. They don’t even own a checkbook. This generation of renters wants to pay rent online, and while you’re setting up an online portal for rent, you should also allow online maintenance requests. Generation Z also prefers to communicate digitally and will be more likely to ask you to text than call, so ensure that your rental property management in Midlands understands and is comfortable with this. 

Do you need help with your marketing techniques targeting generation Z? Give Scott Properties a call at 843-352-8341. 

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Property Manager | How Great Property Managers Embrace Technology (Scott Properties)

Property Manager | How Great Property Managers Embrace Technology

Property Manager | The 21st century is all about technology. We carry the internet with us in our pockets everywhere we go and can connect with people all over the world. This also means that more information than ever is available online and people are going to the internet first to find new places to live. If you’re a property manager who hasn’t embraced using technology in your business, you need to check out these easy ways to embrace technology and get vacancies filled faster than ever. 

Paperless is More Efficient- When you can store files electronically and offer online payments and maintenance requests, you reduce the number of expenses you have related to printing, paper, and storage of all those loose documents. You can also find documents more conveniently when they are stored online. 

Social Media- There is no debating that social media advertising is where it’s at when it comes to advertising and reaching consumers. Every proper manager should agree that reaching prospective tenants is easy via social media, and many of their best leads are generated through targeted advertising on these platforms. 

Property Management Software- A property manager that isn’t utilizing a property management software is missing out on a world where efficiency dominates. Property management software allows you to track which homes are vacant, when they will be ready, compile all your tenant information, streamline your leads onto one platform, use intranet-based communications with staff, and process maintenance requests. 

Video Tours- Life is busy, and renters can’t always take time off to tour properties during your office hours. A property manager also shouldn’t waste time showing someone a home that doesn’t meet that renters need or wants. Virtual tours that renters can access online to see what a home looks like allows renters who aren’t interested to keep looking elsewhere, and those that are serious will book an appointment for a closer look. 

If you aren’t ready to dive into embracing technology but want to hire a property manager who is already technology pron, give Scott Properties a call at 843-352-8341. 

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Midlands Property Management | Tips For Renting Your Home Between Tenants (Scott Properties)

Midlands Property Management | Tips For Renting Your Home Between Tenants


Midlands Property Management | Your tenant has moved out, and you’ve done the major work of repairing any damages left behind, repainting, and cleaning so that the home looks new again, but you may still have trouble renting it if all your prospective tenants see new carpet and freshly painted walls when you’re between renters and taking applications for your rental home use these tips from the best Midlands property management companies on how to make your home wow your tenants.


  1. Stage Furniture- One of the best ways to make a house feel like a home is to stage furniture. Outfit at least one of the bedrooms with a bed, dresser, and end table. Put a sofa and coffee table in the living room and set up dining set in the dining room. Give your guests a visual so that they can easily imagine what their furniture would look like in the space. Midlands property management companies even suggest staging photographs of landscapes or animals, adding decorative pillows, having vases with flowers, and other small touches to make tenants feel welcome.


  1. Make it Smell Good- No one wants to live in a home that stinks. Use air fresheners or diffuse oils or incense that smells calming and comforting such as cotton, fresh air, lavender, chamomile, or light citrus to help bring a little excitement. Baking smells are also a great scent to use when showing a home.


  1. Dust Before You Show- Even if the cleaning crew had done a detailed clean already, the day or morning before showing the home you should go back through and dust, wipe down mirrors and check for fingerprints on the appliances. You want your prospective tenants to feel like they are the first ones living in their dream home.


One of the best tips for renting between tenants is to hire a Midlands property management company to manage your rental home and ensure that you have quality tenants who rent for the long term and love your home as much as you do. Give Scott Properties a call when you are ready to work with the best property managers in South Carolina. 843-352-8413.

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Property Manager | Spotting Fake Landlord References (Scott Properties)

Property Manager | Spotting Fake Landlord References

As a property manager, one application process you are in charge of is checking references for previous landlords. Checking these references is one task you never want to skip because references tell you vital information about your prospective tenant that may not show up on the background or credit check. If previous landlords didn’t report to the credit bureau or sue the tenant, you might not ever know if they paid rent on time or if they damaged the property. Many tenants who have had problems with landlords or a property manager in the past will ask their friends or family to provide false references, pretending to be a previous landlord. You can easily spot these fakers by following these tips:


  1. Don’t tell them who you are. If you call asking for Joe Smith and they ask who you are, don’t say that you’re a property manager calling about a reference. You want to catch the imposter off guard by pretending to be a renter yourself. Inquire about available homes for rent, and if the landlord begins to humble over their words or suddenly hangs up, you know you’ve got a false reference.


  1. When you ask questions about the tenant, the landlord should be able to give you details about that person including how long they lived at the address provided if they paid on time, and other details. If the “landlord” is vague or tells you, they can’t remember, these can be red flags for false references.


  1. Search for the “landlord” online. If this person is a legitimate landlord, you should be able to find their name and phone number linked to rental properties or a property management company. You can also search the name on social media and see if they seem to be linked to the tenant such as being Facebook friends or listing each other as family. These are huge red flags for false references.


Taking the time to go through dozens of references every time you have a new property for rent can be tedious and exhausting. Consider hiring a property manager from Scott Properties to help you manage your rental home efficiently and with great return on investment. Call us today 843-352-8413.

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Rental Property Management Midlands | Renting Vs. Buying Your Next House (Scott Properties)

Rental Property Management Midlands | Renting Vs. Buying Your Next House


Rental Property Management Midlands | You’ve come to a point in your life where you need a house. Maybe you’re moving to a new town and feel ready for an upgrade, or your family is growing, and you need extra space. Whatever your reason for wanting to live in a house, you are going to have a big decision to make—should you rent or buy your home? There are advantages to both options, but you may be surprised at how easy renting a house is when you have a property manager.


Pros and Cons of Buying Vs. Renting


Many people want to purchase a home because they are paying money towards an investment that belongs to them, unlike when you’re paying rent. Owning a home also means you only have to abide by your own rules (and those of your homeowner’s association if you have one). Owning your property means you can paint the walls any color you want, knock down a wall if you want more space, add on a deck without asking for permission, and whatever else your heart fancies.


Buying a home can be expensive though. Not only do you need to have excellent credit, but you must also have a substantial down payment and money saved up for closing costs, inspections, and other fees. You’ll also need to have plenty of money saved up for other expenses that homes incur such as significant home maintenance. When you choose to rent through a property manager, all you’ll need is a deposit and rent payment up front which is usually thousands of dollars cheaper than closing costs and inspections.


Even if the money is no issue, owning a home can still be difficult when you are responsible for everything that happens, or any maintenance needed. When you rent your home, a property manager takes care of all those headaches for you. You also have the luxury of being able to move when your lease is up when you are renting whereas when you own a home, most people need to sell first which can take months and even years. The property manager of your home is the only one that needs to be worried about that home when you want to move on.

Choose a property manager from Scott Properties to help you find the perfect home for rent in Midlands. Give us a call today at 843-352-8413.