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Turn Your Property into a Vacation Rental House in Midlands

Midlands South Carolina is one of the most historic places in the United States of America. The city is a modern-day representation of Southern charm and sophistication while still transporting visitors back in time to the Antebellum South. With vacation rental sites such as Airbnb helping vacationers find houses for rent in Midlands, South Carolina, it is more popular than ever for home owners to rent their properties, especially during peak travel and tourism seasons.

Houses for rent in Midlands are not hard to find. Many vacation home owners are renting their properties when they are not there to make back some of their home owners association fees, keep the property maintained, and/or make some cash back on their investment. If you are a home ownerlooking to move away from Midlands, it might be worth your while to turn your home into rental property rather than sell it.

When vacationers are looking for houses to rent in Midlands, they are usually looking for a property that they can live in for 3 days or longer. Houses are perfect for longer vacations away from home because they provide a comfortable atmosphere that can meet the needs of your home, even while you are away. For many vacationers, a renting a house in Midlands for short term is often much cheaper than a hotel or resort.

If you own property near the French Quarter, Battery, Waterfront Park, Middleton Place, “Haunted’ Parts of Midlands, or near any other major landmarks that are iconic to Midlands, South Carolina, using your property as a house for rent in Midlands could boost your recurring income or give you a residual income that you can use for your own vacation needs.

One of the best parts about owning a home that you will rent is that you don’t have to be a landlord. You can hire professionals like Scott Properties to handle all your property management needs.

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Turn Your Property Into A Vacation Rental House

Rental homes in Midlands are turning a big profit. Homes in historic cities all over the United States are being turned into Airbnb rental homes and making the property owners a lot of residual income throughout the year. When you own your home but don’t spend much time there, it can be frustrating to make monthly mortgage payments on something that you don’t live in but need available for when you do need it. People who must travel a lot for work often can turn their houses into rental homes.

Turning your properties into rental homes in Midlands is easier than you think. Many rehabbers love to get their hands on old historic homes and will often offer discounted work to help restore an old home. Often there are grants available for homeowners that wish to restore the historic value of the home and have it listed as a Historic Landmark. You don’t even have to find renters or maintain the property if you hire the right rental homes property management firm.

Rental homes in Midlands are hot on the market right now. Families want to be on the coast and still have educational benefits for their kids other than just wading in the ocean and baking in the sun. You may have a vacation home of your own on the beach that you only stay in a few weeks out of the year. If you could turn your beachfront property into a short-term rental home in Midlands and make a profit, wouldn’t you?

There are many benefits to owning a rental home. You can continue to grow your investment while making residual income and not having to do any of the grunt work yourself. Property managers in South Carolina love working with homeowners in Midlands due to the historic value and significance of the properties there. Contact Scott Properties today to see how you can start making money from rental homes in Midlands.

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How Great Property Managers Get Things Done

Property Managers are always swamped in reports, billing, invoices, maintenance, rent collection, debt collection, and many other things that make their lives feel chaotic and busy. Great property managers are able to be efficient and minimize headaches in order to make their lives, and the lives of their staff and tenants, much more manageable.

Reduce Paper-Based Process

One thing a property manager can do is avoid any and all paper-based processed. When you manage hundreds of units on a property, having papers scattered about the office and stacks of manila folders with renter information on them is not efficient or orderly. Being able to digitally access files and complete many offices processes online or through the company intranet is always a technology solution that property managers beg for.

Use Rental Software

Most properties are using software to manage their units such as AppFolio Property Manager, Yardi, Quicken Property Rental Manager, Buildium, Skyline and much more. There are nearly 100 different property management software available that make renting a breeze from having all of your accounting online, being able to pay rent online, showing occupancy and vacant units, managing payroll, maintenance records, and invoicing. The software is easy to use for everyone from the leasing agents to the Maintenance Manager.

Use SMS Messages

There are so many programs available now to send out mass texts and people are so attached to their phones, sending SMS messages to tenants and potential renters is the most efficient way to reach people. Make sure to have them sign up for message alerts themselves by checking a box on a tour card, or their lease. Property managers can set up automated messages three days before rent is due for a monthly reminder, send out information blasts about resident retention events, and even send out information about the property such as parking lot closure, pest control schedule etc.

Being a great property manager is easy when time management and efficiency is used hand in hand with technology. Scott Properties embraces a modern property management style.

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Difference Between Renting from Property Management Companies and Private Landlords

Many renters are not sure whether they are renting from a property management firm or a private landlord. Some renters prefer one over the other, but commonly, large apartment communities are managed by property management companies, and single homes are often private landlords. However, increasingly homeowners are turning to property management companies to rent their single-family units.

One of the major benefits of a property management firm rental is that the property is usually managed in a more professional way. These managers full-time jobs are to manage properties and work for and with tenants. They know the rental laws backwards and forwards, are always knowledgeable on competitive market rent, and they usually utilize the latest technology and property management software to keep organized, keep accounting straight, and allow for more modern conveniences such as paying rent online, and submitting maintenance requests online.

Private landlords have the benefit of being more lenient in their leases. Many private landlords are easier to negotiate with when it comes to late rent or having pets. Private landlords may also be more likely to let you out of your lease early or make special concessions for you because they do not have to worry about treating hundreds of tenants equally.

Private landlords are more likely to make decisions emotionally while property management firms are always business minded and try to keep their professional image in mind at all times. A negative to property management firms are that they are sticklers for the rules. You will be paying that $50 late fee every month and you won’t get away with having a cat in your apartment or a move out inspection done.

In the end, property management companies are the best way to protect the tenants and property owner’s rights and ensure that all handlings are legal and professional. Scott Properties is the perfect property management company to handle your rental needs!

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Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

If you own a home and no longer live in it, you might consider renting the property to a family for extra income and to keep the space livable. However, becoming a landlord can be a large undertaking, full of headaches, especially when you are just trying to make some extra income on a house you don’t want to sell. Often times, retired homeowners will purchase properties in an effort to stay busy in retirement, but they don’t realize the litany of phone calls with maintenance requests, tenants crying about rent being late, or how terrible it would be to wake up in the middle of the night to hear about a burst pipe or sewage issue. A property management company allows for you to be the owner so all you have to do is approve spending and watch the rent money roll in.

Here are some other ways a property management company can help you rent your home:

  •      Hire quality tenants
  •      More thorough background checks
  •      Fewer legal problems
  •      Handles all maintenance requests
  •      Manages rent collection
  •      Manages deposit collections
  •      Can perform debt collection
  •      Ensures shorter vacancy cycles
  •      Recommend and manage property improvement strategies
  •      Determine market rent and value
  •      Marketing the property
  •      Assist in tax preparation
  •      Handles eviction notices and lease termination

A property management company’s goal is to help you have the most earning potential from your property. By hiring a property management company, homeowners can rest assured that their rental income is secure and that their property is being managed efficiently while they are away. Time is money and property managers can ensure that you are living your best life while still making a profit and being able to spend more quality time with loved ones and friends. Contact Scott Properties to see how they can make your dream of becoming a landlord easy.

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What Property Managers and Tenants Need to Know About Lead Paint

Keeping rental properties up to date and tenants safe in their units should always be a focus for property managers. One of the most overlooked aspects of a rental can be the paint. Many people do not know the difference between lead paint and safe paint that we have today. You cannot tell just by looking at a wall, whether the paint is safe or not. If a property manager owns property built before 1978 the lead paint risk is incredible. Even if the walls have been painted over many times, the lead-based paint layer underneath is still toxic.

The consequences of Lead-Based Paint

There are an estimated 24 million homes in the United States that may have lead-based paint or lead paint dust. Lead-based products were banned by the federal government in 1978 because of the poisonous effects of lead, especially in children under the age of 8. Lead poisoning is linked to irreversible brain damage, behavior problems, learning disorders, nervous system damage and even cause IQ to drop. Young children are the most susceptible to these symptoms while adults may experience cardiovascular effects, kidney problems, and infertility.

Removing Lead Paint

If a property manager or tenant suspects that there is lead-based paint in a rental unit, they should not attempt to renovate or remove the paint themselves. A tenant should make a maintenance request to the property manager and the manager should hire an RRP Certified professional to remove the paint if the paint does test positive for lead. Tenants should not be in the rental while renovations are taking place as the lead paint dust is also toxic and should not be breathed in. An RRP certified professional will remove the dust from the renovations. Scott Properties is dedicated to the safety and well being of our tenants and offer full disclosure for any properties that may have a lead pain exposure risk.

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Property Management and Pets

Property Management and Pets

There are over 71 million households in America with pets. This amounts to 63% of households. Half of renters have pets and 35% of people don’t have pets solely because their landlords will not allow them. Property Management Companies often love dogs, cats and other pets personally, but they have to ensure that having pets on properties is not a greater liability that it is worth for them as far as insurance is concerned. There are also many local ordinances that control the number and breed of pets that renters and homeowners alike are allowed to have. Here are the things a property management company has to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to allow pets.

Cost and Profit

Many renters are willing to pay more money in rent to be allowed to have their pets. Property management can decide to have some rentals be pet-friendly rentals which come with a higher rent, and other be non-pet friendly rentals. Pet rent and pet deposits can also be charged which can add income for a property owner and cover any damage the pet may cause. Pet-friendly properties usually rent twice as fast as others and the retention rate is also much higher.

Property management can also require that all tenants carry renters’ insurance and that people with pets have to have a clause covering injuries and damage done by the pet. Property owners also have to check their home owner’s insurance. Many insurance companies will not allow for certain breeds or weight and sizes of pets. In these cases, unless the property management company changes insurance companies, their hands are tied when it comes to pets. Sometimes, allowing dogs on the property can make insurance costs increase which will mean possibly higher rent or deposits for future and present tenants.

Service Animals

Service animals are not pets and there are federal laws in place that require property management companies to allow for registered service animals. Emotional support animals are not covered under these laws.

If you have questions about the pet policy with Scott Properties, Contact us today!

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring a Property Management Firm

Becoming a landlord is easy today. Anyone with a decent credit score can buy an old house, fix it up and flip it or rent it. Many investors choose to rent those fixer uppers to bring in disposable income every month. However, once an investor gets on a role of buying and sprucing up homes, they may find themselves in over their heads with trying to be a landlord and also an investor. This is where a property management firm can come in handy. If you are trying to determine whether or not you should go with a property management company such as Scott Properties, ask yourself these questions:

  1. 1. Do You Live Near the Property? 
  2. The further away you live from the property the more time and money it will take to travel there frequently for maintenance issues inspections,
  3. showing and marketing the property and much more.
  1. 2. Are You Good with Stress? 
  3. It takes a special kind of person to deal with the constantly phone ringing, tenant issues, and collections that come with leasing a home to someone.
  4. Can you handle a confrontation with or between tenants? Sometimes, in order to live our best lives, we must leave the stress to a professional.
  5. 3. Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? 
  7. Sometimes people jump into things quickly without realizing what they are in for and can get overwhelmed. If you are already feeling this way about your property(s) the extra help in managing your rentals may be what you need to bring your blood pressure down.
  8. 4. Are you Good with Record Keeping and Accounting? 
  9. There are a lot of numbers involved in renting. A property management company has accountants that will handle your taxes, rent collection, debt collection, payroll, and invoicing. This can be a huge burden off of a property owner’s shoulders.

Hiring a property management company is usually the best choice for people who own multiple properties, live in another state than the property, or just don’t have the time or energy to deal with the stressors of renters. Scott Properties has years of experience in the industry and may be the right choice for your property needs.

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Getting Ready for Summer in Your Rental

Renting an apartment or house is convenient because you have someone to call whenever an appliance breaks or the HVAC stops working, or the roof gets a leak. What’s even better is that most of the maintenance of your rental is never charged to you! However, when summer approaches, maintenance staff are generally up to their ears in requests and can sometimes get backlogged. There are a few steps you can take as a tenant, to help minimize maintenance requests for your property manager, and create faster response times for issues being resolved.

  1. Try the A/C Before Summer: A/C’s blowing hot air or the fan not coming on at all is one of the most common maintenance issues for rentals in the summer time. Check you’re a/c to ensure it is working ahead of summer, such as in early March. If something isn’t working, put in a request now. While it may not be top priority, you definitely won’t be dealing with hot blowing air by summer like your neighbors who waited might. Your property manager will also appreciate that you aren’t on the back logs of HVAC issues needing to be addressed.
  2. Window Screen: Are you missing a window screen? Make sure to put in a maintenance request for a new one. Opening your windows in the spring or summer without a screen will invite in bugs and other potentially pesky critters creating more maintenance issues. Property Managers usually have a pest control company on speed dial, but sometimes it can take several treatments to get rid of insects.
  3. Bad Smells: Another common maintenance request is bad smells coming from the garbage disposal or dishwasher. Even if you don’t use them, you should run your dishwasher at least once a month and flush your garbage disposal with hot water while turning it on to minimize clogs. Your dishwasher should also be cleaned out and dishes with stuck on food should be washed by hand.

If you have any concerns about the maintenance and summer readiness of your home, don’t be afraid to contact your property manager. If you are looking for a new home before summer, give Scott Properties a call to make an appointment.

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What Property Managers Need to Know About Lead Paint Disclosure

If you work in Midlands property management, chances are you rent homes that were built before 1978. Homes that were built before lead paint regulations went into effect are those constructed before 1978, and lead paint disclosure laws require landlords and property managers to make their tenants aware, even if the home has non lead paint that has been painted on top of the lead paint.

Why is Lead Paint Harmful?

Lead paint was banned in 1978 because lead was proven to be especially harmful to small children. Anemia, kidney and brain damage, and weakened muscles were all consequences of lead poisoning. Lead paint that is still in good shape (not chipping or peeling) is usually safe, however, lead paint that is deteriorating releases lead into dust particles or even into ground soil that can contaminate the earth and water around the home.

What are the Chances Lead Paint is in Your Home

According to the EPA lead paint is still present in millions of American homes, hidden underneath layers of new paint. Homes built before 1940 have an 87% chance of having lead paint. If the home was built between 1940-1959, the chances are 69% positive for lead and between 1960-1977 your home has a 24% chance. For Midlands property management this means that many of the homes in the area may have a high risk of lead paint presence.

When Does a Landlord Need to Disclose Lead Paint?

All property managers must, by law, disclose the presence of known lead in homes or rentals that were built before January 1, 1978. Landlords are required to disclose the existence of lead paint in any areas of the building accessible to tenants including common areas, provide a lead disclosure in the lease, let the tenant know you’ve complied with all disclosure requirements, and provide an EPA approved brochure on how to identify and control lead paint hazards.

Midlands property management that owns buildings that have been certified lead free by a state-certified inspector do not need to worry about lead disclosure.

If you have questions on how a Midlands property management firm can help you with lead paint disclosure, contact Scott Properties of Midlands today!