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Residential Property Management in Lexington SC | Why Landscaping Companies Are the Best Vendors for Rental Properties

Residential Property Management in Lexington SC

Residential property management in Lexington SC depends on vendors to help them effectively manage all the properties under their care. Often, property managers have several different vendors on speed dial including disaster clean up companies, roofers, housekeeping, maintenance men, and others but the vendor all property managers need to partner with is a landscaping company.

Why Property Managers Need Landscaping Companies

Residential property management in Lexington SC needs to have a reputation of beautifully maintained homes in order to be successful. Fresh cut lawns, landscaping, and curb appeal are important all the time, not just when the home is vacant. Landscaping companies can take the burden of outdoors maintenance off the shoulders of your regular maintenance employees and free them up to do indoor repairs and moveouts.

Landscaping companies have commercial grade equipment that makes lawncare easy and fast. Residential property management in Lexington SC becomes more efficient than ever when you can have all outdoor maintenance completed on a schedule and handled by a professional landscaping company you can trust. Contracting with landscapers is one of the best things that property managers who are managing multiple properties can do to ensure all homes are in tip-top shape and are stand outs in the community.

Tenants also appreciate when property managers make sure yards and landscaping are properly cared for. Keeping your property lush, beautiful, and maintained on the inside and outside is the responsibility of the person managing the property, but no one can do it all by themselves.

Landscaping companies will often give residential property management in Lexington SC discounts or deals on their services when bundled together for multiple properties. This helps keep costs lower and profits high for the investor who will appreciate your diligence in ensuring the property has a great return on investment.

If you need a property manager who can ensure your lawn and yard stay immaculate, call Scott Properties at 803-951-0702.

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Property Management in Lexington SC | When You Should Raise the Rent

Property Management in Lexington SC

One of the most uncomfortable things for a rental property owner to do is raise the rent on their tenants. However, everyone who works in property management in Lexington SC has had to increase the rent and it’s never a fun time. We have been able to come up with some best practices around when the best time to raise the rent is that will minimize the tension between property management and tenants.

  1. When It’s Time to Renew: You can only raise the rent when it is time to renew and sign a new contract. The property management in Lexington SC is just as beholden to the rent as tenants are and cannot charge any more than what is outlined in the lease.
  2. When Property Value Goes Up: Most landlords do not raise rent annually unless the market rent has increased, or the property value has gone up. The rental home may increase in value as properties are reassessed, upgrades and enhancements are made, or the neighborhood because more desirable.
  3. When You Aren’t Charging Enough: Some people who are new to property management in Lexington SC think they should charge below market value in rent just to undercut the other owners and try to get more tenants coming to them first. This is a bad practice because you are costing the property owner money and reputation when it comes to the worth of their rental properties.

How To Tell A Tenant Rent is Going Up

You should notify tenants within 60-90 days of their lease renewal that rent will be increasing. Most landlords choose to send a letter and/or email to tenants to remind them of their lease renewal deadline. Also included will often be the details on rent increases or any other new policies or lease changes tenants can expect. Make sure to always stay to the facts, remain calm, and keep communication with your tenants open and honest when it comes to rent increases and other changes in the lease.

If you’re looking for property management in Lexington SC, call Scott Properties at 803-951-0702.